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PC wont even kick

By antspants00 ·
I have a P4S800 MB, P4 2.8 Ghz CPU, RADEON 9600 128MB Graphics card and 512 DDR 400 RAM.
Problem: I connect everything i can find and double check all the jumpers etc but nothing happens when try and turn it on (there is power in the MB because the MB light does come on). The fan doesn't even start.
Any Help would be great!

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by antspants00 In reply to PC wont even kick

Point value changed by question poster.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to PC wont even kick

Could be a dead power supply or even a dead m/b.
Get it checked at a PC Repairer.
Don`t spend a fortune getting it fixed yourself as you can easily spend ???s on components you did need to replace.

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by paul.n In reply to PC wont even kick

Take some of your drives off the power unit, such as the CD-ROM drive floppy drive, etc. Check your remaining connections and power up.If you still have no boot up. Try and borrow a spare power unit to test.

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by willcomp In reply to PC wont even kick

Do you have power switch connected to correct pins on front panel connector block? If not, won't turn on. Check mobo manual for connector layout. Pins are usually labeled pwr.

Also try momentarily shorting pins with a jumper (in case power switch is faulty).

If connected properly, it's trouble shooting time. Disconnect/remove everything not required for basic boot. Should be left with mobo, CPU, RAM, video card, memory, power supply, and keyboard. If it won't boot in minimal configuration, add a comment and we'll go further.


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by cp7212 In reply to PC wont even kick

The only thing my company has are Dells. Our most recent batch had a ton of mobos that were bad (including mine). Even though the mobo was dead, the light was still on. I haven't seen anything differ from it yet.

I would try what all was said above first, but in the end just remember that if you have a light on the mobo, it doesn't mean the board is good.

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by melvin_780702 In reply to PC wont even kick

P4S800 is an ASUS board?

Some of the mobo release for Pentium 4 requires not only the 20 pin power supply connector but also an auxiliary or secondary supply usually a 4 pin...Check your mainboard manual if theres any...Be
sure it is connected otherwise the system wont work, I've experienced it in an ASUS P4S133

Good luck

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by BHunsinger In reply to PC wont even kick

First make sure that you have the right voltage switched on- that it is on 115 v rather than 220.
Next check and see if you are getting power to the plugs using a multi meter. (switching out PW is the easiest way, but if you don't have a spare...)

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by DouglasB In reply to PC wont even kick

You did not mention if this computer was running at one time or is a new build or rebuild. That info would be helpful. As mentioned above, a light on the motherboard does not mean it is working. A reputable repair facility could help track down the problem. If you do it yourself you could end up spending money on parts you do not need.

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by Ann777 In reply to PC wont even kick

Which "fan" does not start?

If the Power Supply fan is not moving, replace the power supply unit. If the CPU fan is not turning, then the systemboard or the CPU (or both) is probably fried.

Was there any changes to anything hardware-wise before the unit decided to malfunction? If yes, then backtrack. Put the old whatever back and see if you can get it working. If no, then I'd begin with the first paragraph; look to power supply or systemboard depending on which fan is not turning.

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