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PC wont move past dos bootup

By Matthew ·
Im a techie and am struggling with a certain prob im havin with a pc.
At first i booted up and it went to bootup screen but after memory check it goes to a blank screen.
I tried replacing the hard drive and it still does the same thing,i tried resettin the bios and changing IDE cables and that still failed.
Any suggestions???
answer in here or email me on

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by malkeetdxb In reply to PC wont move past dos boo ...

Look like there is a problem during boot up,
u r trying to boot from where from floppy drive or CD rom or HDD. Pls specify.
Also check your booting priority in BIOS setup.
Check and post.


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by Matthew In reply to PC wont move past dos boo ...

well i have changed the boot device many times and tried each of them.on all of the boot options that i changed within the bios it still gives the same issue.i havent come accross something like this b4,what can i do?

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by Ann777 In reply to PC wont move past dos boo ...

Sounds as if you have already tried everything with the hdd (the other other thing i can suggest if possibly trying the hdd and cables in another working computer to verify that these are okay).

The only other two possibilities are the disk controller or the systemboard.

If the disk controller is built into the systemboard, then you'll need to replace the systemboard.

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by mm_it In reply to PC wont move past dos boo ...

what version of windows are you using? if win2k or xp? is there a cursor blinking at the upper-left corner of the screen? if your answers are yes then you should boot from cd using win2k or win xp. go to repair using console and enter the partition and maybe administrator password when asked. type fixmbr and choose Yes. type fixboot and choose Yes. Restart.
That happened while trying to boot with a disk (not bootdisk) in the drive. it corrupted the master boot record and the boot record of the operating system.

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by DouglasB In reply to PC wont move past dos boo ...

Also try this: disconnect everything from the motherboard except the video card and the hard drive. I have had bad CD drives or modems, sound cards etc cause the sytem to hang on boot.

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by TwitchMyth In reply to PC wont move past dos boo ...

i just had the same problem with my machine. it turned out to be badly seated RAM. so check that. remove sticks of ram and reseat, and if this fails, get different (known working) RAM. i know it seems odd, but the RAM even passed non-quickboot POST testing on my box...

try it. it may work :)

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