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PC won't power down all the way

By Dr.Jackson ·
This is a brand new PC, I just put it together. While it's on it works great, but it won't shut down all the way. It appears to be shutdown, but the Modem and the router shows activity. When I flip the O/I switch on the back of the PC the activity stops but the PC won't start up. When I flip the O/I switch the other way the activity starts before I even turn the PC on. Power management problem I can't figure out. Help is needed here. Thanks, Kenny

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by CG IT In reply to PC won't power down all t ...

ah what exactly do you mean modem and router shows activity? That the NIC still has a link?

some new mainboards with built in NIC cards have a Wake on LAN feature that even if the computer is powered down the NIC is active so you can remotely wake the computer. I have this on all my workstations so I can use a nifty little program called Magic Packet [AMD PC Net Family program] to wake em all up. I pull down the servers and all the worstations once a month to clean em out of dust bunnies, hairballs, the occasional errant cockroachs, [who seem to love power supplies] spiders, and whatever else seems to find their way into the workstations. [still can't figure out if someone put the curly pieces of french fries in a workstation or if it was the cockroaches]. Then send a network wide wakeup call.

See if you have Wake-On-Lan enabled in your BIOS

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by Dr.Jackson In reply to

Hello D.R., Thanks, you have a cool way to explain how it works, and you're right. Never even thought about Wake on LAN, just concerned if a virus could get in when shut down like that. Thanks again, Kenny

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by TheChas In reply to PC won't power down all t ...

To add to what D.R. gave you:

First, please list your hardware.
There are MANY hardware specific answers to many problems.

It just takes too long to type in all the possible answers.

If this is a Socket A system, make sure that the CPU bus speed and multiplier are set properly.
I have seen MANY strange power problems on Socket A systems that have been corrected by changing the CPU speed settings.

As far as immediate power up when you turn on the power supply, check the power state in BIOS power management settings.
If you want the PC to stay off, you need to have the setting to always off when power is restored.

Power management may also be set to go into hibernate rather than shut down.

Keep in mind that for ANY ATX system, when you shut the PC down, it is NEVER fully off.
There is always 5 volt standby power supplied to the motherboard.


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by Dr.Jackson In reply to

Hello Chas, D.R. was right and so are you. I just wanted to be sure a virus couldn't get in with to shut down like that. Sorry for not mentioning the hardware. It's a Matsonic MS9377C Mainboard/SiS 648FX Chipset. Pentium 4 3.2ghz/HTT.800mhz/system bus.ATX Case/480W Power supply. Thanks again, Kenny

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by Dr.Jackson In reply to PC won't power down all t ...

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