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By hunaproof ·
My question is, why won't my PC power on? The Last thing I did was go into the bios to enable my USB 1.1 and 2.0 Support and restarted. The computer was having system error so that it wouldn't boot up! I Cleared the bios manually in hopes of reversing whatever I did wrong. From that point on the PC wouldn't boot up. I was grounded so I know I didn't fry the board. I switched the power supply, to no avail. I built my own computer and run Windows XP Pentium 4 2.80 Ghz 478 socket. Please HELP ME GET MY PIMP COMPUTER BACK!

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by James.Applegate In reply to PC WONT POWER ON!!!

When you say it won't boot I'm assuming it won't even power on? Do you see any lights on the MB? If you know you have a good power supply and no lights I'd say you did fry it. Grounding is not %100 safe if your not in a controled enviroment. If you can, try switching the MB and that'll give you your answer. Also make sure you didn't bump anything and nothing is shorting. Good luck.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to PC WONT POWER ON!!!

Do you have any USB devices attached? Try removing them before booting up. Some devices such as usb memory sticks or mp3 players are known to prevent booting.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PC WONT POWER ON!!!

OK if you cleared the BIOS the system should default to an error screen asking you to enter BIOS and set a Date & Time at the very least, something along the lines of press F1 to continue or Del to setup.

If you can see this just go into Setup and enter a Date & Time and then save the changes. You should be able to boot from there. Just be careful with the year as this can cause major problems on the fly one day I accidentally set a BIOS Date to 2088 and while it allowed the computer to boot I was getting all sorts of error messages about software no longer being up to date.

If you set them earlier than 2000 then you'll get error messages about the system being incorrectly setup as Windows boots.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

If the lights are flickering there is something seriously wrong with the PS as this just shouldn't happen. Also if you are not blowing Fuses or tripping Circuit Breakers I would be wondering about the electrical safety of where you are as something show go long before lights start flickering.

I would first check the Power Supply for faults there has to be a dead short somewhere to allow this to happen. The only other possibility is that you are at the end of the mains and are running on Low Voltage. Do you have any other problems in the place?

Things like TV's not filling the screen or hotplates not working?

If you do place a UPS between the mains and the computer and see what happens the worst is that the UPS should spit the dummy if there is anything wrong with the computer and sound an alarm.

Even if the M'Board was toast the lights shouldn't be flickering so you have a much bigger problem than something as simple as a dead M'Board.


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by Xhunter333 In reply to PC WONT POWER ON!!!

Oh, my God. Did you load a new BIOS to replace the old one which you cleared? If not, then you have the biggest problem in your life. The BIOS is the basic software which make the motherboard work. Without that your motherboard is just an empty shell. You should seek help to the manufacturer of your motherboard to install a new BIOS to your motherboard.

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by ICB's corner In reply to PC WONT POWER ON!!!

Do you mean that your computer does find any devices to boot up? Can you access BIOS?
Then it's something wrong with BIOS settings. Try to set first boot on CD and use a bootable CD.
If you do a success boot then you have to work with BIOS settings.Try to disable some unimportant function, find hdd, etc.

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by hunaproof In reply to PC WONT POWER ON!!!

I don't have any USB devices hooked up to it. The Computer is completely silent when I push the power button, no fan's turning, nothing. The only thing that happens is the lights in the room i'm occupying flicker. That's all it does. I'm thinking I fryed my MB. I'm going to get it looked at. I'm coming to grips with me having to replace it as well as my CPU, any MB and/or CPU you guy recommend? The ones I come across seem to be outdated...

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by jon In reply to PC WONT POWER ON!!!

The problem sounds 100% electrical in nature (smirk) though there's any argument there.

I'm thinking you have aluminum wiring in your home and it was built in the 70's and your entire section of the house is on one circuit...yes?

Aside from that, if your computer is causing a surge such as that, you have power problems, not computer problems...test the power supply.

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