PC won't power on

By bell_betty ·
Hi, I'm writing for my friend who just moved her computer from one room to another and now it won?t power on. Have tried all the obvious things, but when you initially plug in the power cord, the green light in the back comes on for a split second and then goes off. This happens each time we try to check the cord. I have read the other posts, and since we don't know much about computers, should we open up to see if something came loose? or is motherboard probably problem. Thanks

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See the light switch?

by Kenone In reply to PC won't power on
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Good odds that you are right and

by IC-IT In reply to See the light switch?

Nice job of thinking outside of the box. ;-)

Edited due to fat fingers today :-(

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What is light switch

by bell_betty In reply to See the light switch?

If your talking about the power on in front of computer, have done that. Is it something on back? The little green light in back of PC stays on only for split second when power supply connected to computer. ?? Thanks

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How about the one on the wall?

by cmiller5400 In reply to What is light switch

Me thinks that was what he was referring to...

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wasn't problem with power from home

by bell_betty In reply to How about the one on the ...

lol, yes checked the power source from home, but thanks!

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I have seen this on...

by cmiller5400 In reply to PC won't power on

I have seen this on motherboards that have busted caps, but many things could be at fault here.

Make sure that the outlet is good and works.

Try unplugging all accessories from the computer and starting with only the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

If that doesn't work, crack open the case if you are comfortable doing that, and (while the power is unplugged of course!!) reset all connections and memory chips.

If still no luck, try unplugging the CD/DVD rom drive and hard drive. If it still won't work, then remove the ram. If it doesn't beep at you then you have a failed power supply or motherboard.

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Not too common but possible

by mjd420nova In reply to PC won't power on

I've seen this a few times. On the plastic plug connector is a switch that is labeled "230 V" / "120 V". It should be in the 120 V position. If it got moved by accident, it will give this momentary green light but then go out as the voltage is not sufficent to provide the proper voltage. Check it out.

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Hey that's a good idea

by vjb4501 In reply to Not too common but possib ...

That is definitely a clever thought. Of course, I think the more fun solution would be to use it as an excuse to move somewhere neat in Europe. I suppose your option works too though...maybe a tad less expensive.

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Educated guess.

by vjb4501 In reply to PC won't power on

Well the information you gave is a bit limited, but from what you said it sounds like there is probably a short somewhere. The light coming on quickly and turning off would be a capacitor somewhere charging up and then draining into the short. It isn't likely to be very obvious what has been shorted, if indeed that is the case, but you can open up the computer and see if any wires have had their insulation ripped or if there is anything metal that is touching something where it shouldn't.

It is unlikely that any of the RAM or PCI cards came unseated just enough to cause a short somewhere but you can always pull out all the modular parts from your motherboard and re-seat them to check. Beyond that only a Digital Multimeter can help you.

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Thanks everyone for your comments

by bell_betty In reply to Educated guess.

Tried a few of the things suggested, but ended up bringing in to shop. Needed to replace power supply. thanks for the help

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