PC wont power up

By far2east ·
I had built a PC using an old alienware case essentially gutted and replaced the motherboard and processor. New RAM. New fans, new DVD.Hard drives were still good and bootable. The PC has been working for 7 months now. I went to work with the it powered up, I was running a defrag and didnt want to wait on it. When I hot home my wife informed me there were two power hits where both our computers went on and off a few times. hers (its an old dell) booted right back up. They are on ups but old ups and honestly I have not checked the batteries for a while. Now my computer will not power on. I get nothing, no beeps no fan nothing. I have tried 2 different power supplies, niether worked. I have replaced the motherboard. With a combination of the new mb and new ps still no power. I have tried disconnecting the front panel indicators and jumping them with a screwdriver. nothing.. I have replaced the video card. Is it possible its the ram or cpu? Those are the only parts that are not changed out,

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by NexS In reply to PC wont power up

Perhaps it is an issue with the power at your house. is it plugged directly into an outlet in the wall or a powerboard?
If it's in a powerboard, then maybe it has a surge protector and you need to unplug it from the wall and press the powersurge button on the powerboard. Also, have you checked the switch board outside your home for the circuit breakers?

those are the only other things i can think of!
let me know how you go

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Mutiple outlets

by far2east In reply to perhaps

I suspect it the power to the apartment is less that "regular" but in the process of trouble shooting I tried multiple outlets with at least 1 being a 30 amp line and no other power draws. Thanks for the response.

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Power supply

by mark.giblin In reply to PC wont power up

If your 100% sure its not the UPS or the built in surge protection... You then need to be looking at your PSU.

What is the "Wattage" rating of the PSU in the machine? and what is the power requirements of your new hardware?

I recently went to a job for a PC that smelt like it was burning something.

Turned out that the person who claimed to have built the machine to "Professional" standards had put a 200 Watt PSU in the machine and the PSU was cooking itself from the demands from the board. Technically the unit shouldn't have powered up but it did, leading me to believe that the PSU was very old and possibly faulty.

I put a 550 Watt PSU in the case and the problem was solved along with the sporadic rebooting.

The important factor here is the wattage output of the PSU, if it is not high enough, you can have problems and if you have upgraded the machine you say you tried 2 power supplies already but did you check what the capability of the PSU's were?

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New PSU's

by far2east In reply to Power supply

The draw of the box was around 150 to 180 watts when i was running it. I got 2 new PSU's 1 antec 700 watt and a corsair 650 watt. They should have been more than ample. I even thought 1 might have been bad but the odds of both of them being unable to push the mb, cpu and cpu fan were fairly low. The mb is a gigabyte with a P45 chipset and only 1 pcie 2.0. the first attempt I had a 8800 gts video card in it for the first boot. The thing that boggles my mind is I get no response from turning it on. by the way both psu's had over 30 amps on the 12v rails. It looks like a short somewhere but I tried a new case today with the same result. I thought I could at least get a fan moving but the PSU fans themselves didnt even move.

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check motherboard

by ismail.magued In reply to New PSU's

hello again

First of all
check the electrical socket and check that you have at least a 32AMP fuse in your fuse box. in the event that everything is fine
But I repeat make doubly sure that there is no faulty fuse no faulty wiring from your nearest electrical engineer.
If after the above sequential check every thing is fine you go
you check the following
check the motherboard out, make sure it wasnt damaged in any way.
because it seems something in your motherboard may have taken on alot of current
and may be damaged.
ask to have the chipset looked at as well.
do the above and tell me what happens
and well we can take it from there.

Please keep me updated

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by ismail.magued In reply to PC wont power up

Here is what you do
first of all

did you check your supply?
check your power supply than get back to me
if not
if that does not solve the problem
than get back to me
ill be checking the forum here daily for any updates.
so please stay in touch.

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New PSU;s

by far2east In reply to solution

That was the first thing I replaced. I tried 2 brand new ones. the details are in the previous response.
Thanks for the response.

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