PC wont reboot, screen is blank

By slakkap ·
I have a Dell Dimension 8200. THe computer will not boot up, the screen is blank. I changed the video card, but it does not seem to help. I can hear the CPU fans, CD/DVD trays can open. After that there are no beeps or any other sounds.

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Have you tried resetting the CMOS to clear everything and starting again like that?

What was you doing before this occurred?

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How old is this computer?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PC wont reboot, screen is ...

If it over 3 years I would also suggest that you look at changing the BIOS Battery as by your description it's flat and will not allow the system to start.

This is a round coin sized battery that can be purchased at any battery store and it should be a CR2032 or equivalent depending on the maker of the battery.

It would also help if you where to list any problems that you had prior to this happening or any changes that where made to the system.

You can also leave a side cover off to see what is actually happening when you press the Power Button as well so that you can actually see what is happening as far as things like Fans and any LED's on the M'Board go.

However knowing Dell I would also be looking at a replacement Power Supply and if it's a standard PS fitted replace it with one similar to an Antec PS as they work better and protect the internals of any computer better. While there are other brands of Power Supplies I can only buy Antec PS's here so they are the only ones that I recommend.

The No Name ones are not worth the money that you spend on them and quite often kill off the computer when they die so it's better to get to these before they die and save your computer.


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PC won't reboot

by slakkap In reply to How old is this computer?

Thanks, I will try it. The PC is 4 years old. Just, before it died, we were just on the internet. I had removed all the cards, and just had video card it booted once. But after that, whatever I tried (reseating the cards etc..), it will not reboot.

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