PC won't start

By rockyol ·
Replaced the power supply, computer turned on but freeze. Now I turn on computer, green light turn on 5 seconds later I hear one beep and computer turn off by itself. I also replace the bios battery.

What coul be the problem?

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by colmgdonnelly In reply to PC won't start

Depending on the amount of beeps and the model of laptop I would say nine out of ten times this a problem with your Ram. Have you recently upgraded? try removing and ensuring that your ram module is placed down firmly. Hope this helps.

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You really need to supply more information here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PC won't start

For someone to give you a definitive answer like the Make & Model of M'Board and what if anything has recently been changed and how many Beeps and in what sequence as well as the BIOS Maker.

Without knowing anything more if the PS has been replaced and the unit is now only running for a few seconds the M'Board is the most likely suspect. But it should never POST if that is the case.


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