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    PC won’t start… has power. TI4600 card clicking trying to start fan


    by bree ·

    The darndest thing. My desktop won’t start. The CD-ROM and drive lights flash repeatedly (they have power) and there is this rhythmic clicking. It goes for awhile and then stops and then restarts.

    I popped the top and cleaned all the fans and was surprised to discover that the clicking was coming from the NVidia TI-4600 card near its fan. The fan appears to move in both directions when I blow canned air at it. But none of the system’s fans spins as they should when I try to start it. The box was working last night. I normally run it continuously but had to shut it off last night due to a neighborhood power outage for some repair work..

    I ordered a power supply for it this morning. It has a D845EBG2 Intel mobo so it uses an ATX12V 1.2 power supply. Not sure if the power supply is the problem but that was my first suspect for this old computer. I need to get it running to transfer some data and retrieve some application serial numbers. So I have to actually run the apps to get the serials.

    Does anybody have any suggestions?


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      by bree ·

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      Unplug the Power

      by ic-it ·

      In reply to PC won’t start… has power. TI4600 card clicking trying to start fan

      connector for a few seconds, then try it again (I know it sounds goofy, but I had an Asus that needed this each time until a new BIOS update corrected it).
      Other than that you may be right new power supply, possibility of CPU or MB.

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      Yes you are correct the PS is shot

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to PC won’t start… has power. TI4600 card clicking trying to start fan

      When these die they can do this. I’ve seen one that would actually show on the monitor that there was no connection when you turned it on. Turn it off again and the monitor returns to a normal blank display and the fans stop.

      What happened to the one I had was that the 12 V DC was working correctly but the 3 & 5 V DC where dead so things like Video Fans where not working while the case & CPU fans where. While you are waiting for the PS to arrive clean out the case and re-seat any plug in components like RAM and Daughter Cards. May not be necessary but while you have the time and have no rush it’s easier to do now than wait for the new PS to arrive then be running around like a crazy person because it’s not working.


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        Thanks Guys!!

        by bree ·

        In reply to Yes you are correct the PS is shot

        You guys are great!
        I took out my trusty can of air and cleaned everything. I pulled the TI4600 card (forgot about that darn little hook on the bottom Yaaargh) You can’t lubricate that fan without doing some major surgery on the card so I simply blew it and the cooling fins clean. It spins. I took out the case fan and peeled off the sticker and took some sewing machine white oil and gave it a drop with a needle tip lubricator. It is still kind of tight but it moves, it is clear of obstruction, and has lubrication. I blew the power supply fan clean and it spins fine. The CPU fan and the heatsink are now clean and the fan spins freely. Did the reseats and also pulled the case front and blew the switches clean as well as the drive fronts and bays. Darn computer almost looks new. Keyed up the power and it just sets for a few minutes and then starts clicking. It is like it is charging a capacitor or something because there is a distinct delay before it starts consuming power by trying to start that TI4600 fan and the other fans as well.

        Anyway… it didn’t start. So I have the power supply on order and it should be here soon. Got a V1.2 from Directron for a good price so we’ll se what happens. I will report when I know something. Thanks guys!


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