PC won't start - motherboard must be dead.

By silentz0r_ ·
i turned on my computer yesterday and played some games, used it generally as i use it every day, and then i left my house. When i came back (about an hour later) the computer was turned off, and it wouldn't boot. I opened it up and checked that the motherboard's light was off, even though the PC was plugged to power. Any ideas what the problem might be? I read something about bad capacitors
Oh my computer spec is:

Dual P4 3.0 GHz x32
4GB RAM - i know it does not use all of it
uhm.. i dunno what else u need to know in order to answer my question. Feel free to ask anything and please, feel free to post suggestions!
Thanks for reading.

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Suspect the power supply first.

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to PC won't start - motherbo ...

Check everything, the wall outlet, any surge supressor you're using, power cords and the computer's power supply itself. If you are not getting lights on the motherboard, look backwards from there.

If you don't have the tools to test the computer power supply, you'll need to take the computer to a repair shop.

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by jck In reply to Suspect the power supply ...
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by mamies In reply to Suspect the power supply ...

I would have been ripping that power supply unit out and testing it with a known working one. Although you need to have one of these laying around, so go to a repair shop. Motherboards can be EXPEN$IVE.

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Car won't start - must need a new engine ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to PC won't start - motherbo ...

The engine was running yesterday when I left it in the garage and went out. When I came back the engine had stopped but when I turn the ignition key the engine won't fire up again - it must need replacing.

Mmm, have you checked the petrol tank?

Might be a stupid analogy, but the most likely answer is the simplest - prior to major surgery to your wallet.

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Hey. I LIKE that analogy! :-)

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Car won't start - must ne ...

being an old car guy, I'll be usin' that one.

It's amazing how many times I've heard of users replacing expensive parts only to find out later the issue was due to a simple loose connection.

(not suggesting this is the case here, silentz0r, but food for thought anyway)

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HEY !! With an alias like 'silentz0r' and an old car analogy ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Hey. I LIKE that analogy! ...

The engine might not start due to a lack of back-pressure, due to the silencer being damaged!

I didn't notice his alias when I used the analogy. :)

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Car reminiscence

by ozi Eagle In reply to Car won't start - must ne ...


Your car analogy reminded me of a mate whose wife rang him at work complaining that the car wouldn't start. She said the the engine was cranking OK but it didn't start, must need a new battery!!!!


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I can top that...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Car reminiscence

After spending nearly 20 years in the automobile business, I have tons of stories. But the one similar one that comes to mind is...
I received a call from a customer who was calling from her cell phone while in her car. She stated that she had left her car parked in the shopping center parking lot for less than 1 hour. After returning to her car, it wouldn't start. She asked: "I noticed that the two wheels on the right side of the car are in a two inch deep puddle of water. Do you think that could be the reason the car won't start?"

I had to put her on mute so she didn't hear me snicker.

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May be a silly question, but....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to PC won't start - motherbo ...

... is your system plugged into a UPS or some other kind of surge protector?
If so, have you tried plugging it directly into a known good outlet?

had to ask.

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not a silly question

by mamies In reply to May be a silly question, ...

If it is this may be the problem to his issue. We have concluded that their is a power outtage somewhere their as the motherboard light isnt on, so it very well could be the socket on the wall, power cable, leads, powerboard, UPS if they exist in this setup

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