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PC won't start up after trying to add new ram hlp PLZ

By hotmail1hotmail ·
Computer is a custom built i got online heres whats inside

Dualcore 2.2 AMD Athlon 64 (internal water cooled)
1024 MB Corsair Xetreme DDR2 800 mhz ram
250 gig HD and 80gig HD
Nvidia/Gigabyte motherboard 6 channel audio
Dual 512 mb Nvidia 7300 GT's Runin SLi
400 watt power supply
Case is pretty big with a 8 inch fan in front and 10 inch fan on side, and a cpple fans on inside 12mm ones

Ok so I try to install some ram to my computer to maybe speed it up yes i am an idiot since it was already fast and put in ram and try to turn it on nothin happens, so i take ram out and have it back to way it was and try to turn it on again, this time you see the lights to the fans flash on for 1/2 a second and thats it. That happens now every time, also the light for the ethernet is on before i hit the power as usual and there is a Multi card reader in front bays that has 2 lights on as usuall b4 i try to turn on so its gettin power. when i hit power the fans dont even get a chance to spin b4 it turns of it lasts about .05 secs after i hit power button.

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Common occurance

by mjd420nova In reply to PC won't start up after t ...

I have run into this problem so many times I've lost all my patience with unskilled, heavy handed users who think they know how to save money by doing it themselves. The most common fault is a broken lockdown tab on the memory socket connector. The plastic clip is broken by the user when they try to remove the memory strips without releasing the clips holding them in place. This results in the clip getting broken and the subsequent installation of a faster or bigger one intermittent or improperly seated. This will require the replacement of the motherboard. I do carry with me replacements for Compaq and HP units but others like Dell and Gateway are different from unit to unit and hard to get from the mfgr. Good luck

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