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pc won't turn on?

By trevionesmommy ·
My friens went on vacation for 4 days, didn't want to leave her computer in her apartment for fear of a break-in, left it in a drawer at her boyfriends house. Long story short, she takes it home and plaugs it in- and nothing, no power. All the usual stuff checks out-outlets, plugs, etc. No power at all. She is on her way to bring it here so I can look at it, I know a lot more than she does, but I was hoping maybe someone may see this soon and give me some ideas of what i should try.Thank you in advance. By the way--comp is only 2 years old.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to pc won't turn on?

Is the power Supply swich actuallu switched on?

As you didn't mention if it a Desktop or Lap Top it's a bit hard to actually answer your question. But the obvious thing if it's a Desktop is that the switch on the back has been turned off.


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by ctrservices In reply to pc won't turn on?

If this is a laptop, removing the battery for about 15 minutes will sometimes solve this problem. Reseat any memory chips. Verify that you have the correct power adapter.

For a desktop, reseat memory and add-on cards (modem, video, etc.).

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thank you thank you thank you

by karefoe In reply to

i put my laptop to bed last night, and went to turn it on this morning, and nothing, no lights, nadda. so i went to my pc and found this thread and did this suggestion, thinking all the while that i must have fried my motherboard or something. $$$$$$$$! ...but it worked ! thank you

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by sgt_shultz In reply to pc won't turn on?

i think ct is on to something unless boyfriend has really big know what i mean. post the exact model number and we can see if it is a known issue. if she hasn't already,I'd leave it plugged in awhile to a known good outlet so see if charging the battery a bit will let it come on. maybe it got suspended instead of shut off and battery drained completely. make sure she's not panicking and plugging it into a switched off power strip and ask if she'll hold the power button down for over 5 seconds. but taking the battery for a minute is a great idea imho

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by jon In reply to pc won't turn on?

For a laptop, I've always confirmed that the system was operating properly by removing the battery and running the system without it on the adapter only.

Then, I start in on the battery issues.

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by spidershrek In reply to pc won't turn on?

Open the Pc while plugged in and check the power supply. If there is no movement in the power supply fan then replace it. Ussually some power supplies go bad after a couple of years.

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by rickrbyrne In reply to pc won't turn on?


One of the main things that i would check is that the ac-adapter is ok, if the ac-adapter has a green LED make sure that is lit. Also if the ac-adapter is split into two parts you want to dissconnect two of the parts, then reconnect and make the connection is good between the two.


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by Pcfreakske2000 In reply to pc won't turn on?

Hi ,

Did you check the power cord ? Is it plugged in correctly ?

Did you check the power supply of the computer ( laptop , I presume ? ) yet ?

It might be that the power supply of the laptop is damaged or something with the power supply went wrong ?

It could also be that there is something wrong with the harddrive , maybe it's broken ?

Greetings ,


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just try to charge the power cord might lossen it

by geraldjohn In reply to pc won't turn on?

try to test first the power supply if ok try to plug it to pc if no luck try to disassemble it and clean the unit post it here if what happen to it

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