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pc woul not boot up

By keki4596 ·
I have a motherboard av49vn Shuttle AV49VN VIA Socket 478 ATX Motherboard / AGP 8X/4X / Audio / 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN / USB 2.0, and intel proccessor Intel? Pentium? 4 2.6Ghz / 512K Cache / 400MHz FSB / Socket 478 / Processor
brand new antec power supply 1 gig memory, the connetions are all ok, but computer would not bootup, no fan to the power supply. pl. help.

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by mjd420nova In reply to pc woul not boot up

No fans means no power. Observe the fan when you first turn it on. Did it move, even just a little?? If it moved, then the power supply is protecting it self from a short. The short could be with a drive, fan or even the motherboard. If the fan didn't move at all, the the P/S is dead. Check if there's a fuse where the cord plugs in. What does it smell like? Anything different smelling may point also to the power supply.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to pc woul not boot up

Follow the above advice except for the movement of the fans.

If they move the Power Supply could be bad I had one recently the very first Antec PS that has sort of died without good reason, It would turn on once in 20 to 30 attempts and was a nightmare to track down as I've used thousands of these PS and never had one fail so I didn't think to look at that part of the Computer I just reasoned that it was the M'Board not sending the signal to keep the PS running. With an ATX PS it should run for a fraction of a second and if it doesn't get the proper signal from the M'Board it will stop. What can sometimes happen is that the control circuitry will fail to accept the signal from the M'Board and turn off the PS.

If this has never worked from day 1 then dismantle it and try running it on the bench with everything bare if it works then the Case is at fault and I've seen quite a few that had stopped computers running for no reason that I could see but the moment that a working system was fitted the units failed to start. Antec has a PS tester that you can buy really cheaply and is useful but if you have a faulty PS it can be very misleading as well so you can mistakenly believe hat the PS is working fine when it isn't and waste hours attempting to fix something that isn't broken.

To test out of the case all you need is the Box that the M'Board came in and sit the M'Board with the CPU & Heat Sink fitted along with the RAM and Video Card and plug in the PS if you don't have a spare switch you can use a metal screwdriver to short out the 2 pins to start the unit running these are the same pins that the front On switch would normally connect to and you don't need to keep the pins shorted just a quick touch will be enough.


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