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PC100 vs. PC133, which will be faster??

By MediaGuy1974 ·
Hey Folks, just want to find out what the consensus is on something.
I'm throwing together a bunch of used parts to try to make a system.
It's a Gigabyte Mobo, 1.5 Duron, ATI video card, SB Live Audio, WinXP Pro...and so on. It will accept PC100 or PC133 Ram, and here's the $64,000 question. I was able to scrounge around and find around 400MB of PC133. But I also found 750MB of PC100. Which is gonna be faster? I assume that if I use both, the PC133 will slow itself down to 100, if combined with the PC100. But, for the sake of discussion, lets assume that I don't mix the two. Which is gonna be faster, 400MB of PC133, or 750MB of PC100.
Let the discussions begin!!
Thanx Gang,
Jet Montana

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Go with the 750

by CharlieSpencer In reply to PC100 vs. PC133, which wi ...

More is better.

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Faster is faster

by mjd420nova In reply to PC100 vs. PC133, which wi ...

The PC133 will obviously be faster but you would be hard pressed to be able to see the difference. I would install all of them, regardless of the speed, as stated, more is better.

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by MediaGuy1974 In reply to Faster is faster

Thanx gang. It was not a real serious deal, but you've confirmed what I thought. I would probably have tried that, but it's great to know someone elses opinion.
Thanx Again,

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If, Then, Else

by TheChas In reply to PC100 vs. PC133, which wi ...

There are missing details that would help determine if there was any chance for the speed difference to matter.

First, will the BIOS allow you to set the RAM clock to 133 with this CPU?

What amount of memory is on each different DIMMs? And what is the limits of the motherboard?

You will find some people with a different opinion, but I have found that systems are more stable if memory modules are installed in matched pairs.

Next, what is the CAS latency rating of the different memory modules?

Finally, do you know if:
A: the motherboard will accept the different DIMMs?
B: will the different DIMMs work together?

The answer is that some combination of what RAM you have will have the best system performance. But, it may not be with all of the RAM you have installed. Or even the combination of RAM that provides the maximum amount of RAM.

Do install the slowest RAM in the first DIMM socket for best stability.


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