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    by vuitanh ·

    What are the weaknesses of opening port in Firewall for PCAnywhere to get in? We are using Checkpoint 4.0.

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      by erikdr ·

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      Generally spoken not many as long as the Anywhere host itself is absolutely secure.
      An open port itself says nothing, it’s the security of the process on the internal side which is the next barreer. That’s why opening e.g. ftp usually is quite risky. Don’t have specific comments on how well secured the Anywhere host is in the current version. Versions I knew were mainly username/password which isn’t very advanced nowadays. Challenge/response, callback, token recognition and the like would makethe risk more palatable…

      Hope this helps,

      / The Netherlands

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      by amieveryours ·

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      Having PC Anywhere is like having terminal services provided across the internet. The security is only as strong as the software encrytion is provided by the software itself. Version 9.0 seem to be very secure comparing to 8.0. Remember to review your setting and never let the authenication be plain text.

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