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    Pcanywhere and Linksys WRT350N


    by jlangston ·

    I have a Linksys WRT350N, wired to 1 desktop, and wireless to two laptops.
    From external, I am unable to PcAnywhere connect to either of the laptops. I can connect to the wired desktop fine.
    I have internal static IP’s for each, and separate ports forwarding to them
    Desktop 5631 and 5632 to IP
    Laptop1 5641 and 5642 to IP
    Laptop2 5651 and 5652 to IP
    I have configured the Remotes and the Host with the respective ports.

    When I connect via PcAnywhere, I connect to the external Static IP address, and select ports 5631/5632 for the desktop with no problems or delays.
    But when I try to connect to either laptop on their selected ports, No Connection.

    I also use Windows Firewall on each computer and all of them have exceptions for the ports specified.
    I haven’t been able to find much literature on web for this specific problem.
    Any advice or suggestions?


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