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    PCAnywhere Linksys Network


    by brianbh ·


    I have 2 PCs on a Linksys network that I would like to be able to connect to using PCAnywhere.

    I understand from reading other posts that I need to know the internal IP address of the Linksys router. How can I find this out?

    Also, I understand that for the second computer on the network, I need to open different ports through Linksys/PCAnywhere so that the programs know which computer on the network I am trying to access. How can I find out what the second computer?s IP address is?

    If someone would please let me know the answers to these questions, I would really appreciate it.

    Brian Holt

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      Re: PCAnywhere Linksys Network

      by penstripes ·

      In reply to PCAnywhere Linksys Network

      What is the model of the Linksys router use in your network? By default the IP address of Linksys routers without phone ports is As for the IP address of your second computer, you can check it by right clicking on network icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen and then clicking on Status, then Support tab.(That is if you’re using WinXP.)

      Note: If somehow the default IP address of your router was changed, you can check it the same way as checking for your second computers IP address. Only this time take note of the numbers shown in the Default Gateway.

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