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pcanywhere - remote cant see what it do.

By avramk456 ·
hi all

my remote can establish a connection, but when the remote start working he cant see what he does, even that on the host his act are seen.

i have pcanywhere 10, and the problem occuer during wan and lan session.

thanks zavik

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by Adagroup In reply to pcanywhere - remote cant ...

Hello Zavik,
Not enough inputs...
a) What does the client/remote see? a black screen or a blue screen? If the client cannot see the remote desktop, how can you see on the host, what he's doing?
b) What is the connection speed of the client and the Server(host)?
c) Does it happen only with the remote desktop? Do chat session work?

Send in the answer and lets see?

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by avramk456 In reply to pcanywhere - remote cant ...

hi Adagroup

1. the remote when he first connected, he see the screen, but cant see the thinks he does un the host. like there is no more transfer of the screen shots.

2. the connection with the spesific host was tested throw the internet and a local network.

any idea


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by ohmy73044 In reply to pcanywhere - remote cant ...

check your configuration and see if echo typed is sent back to user would be the first place to start

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