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pcanywhere - remote cant see what it do.

By avramk456 ·
hi all

my remote can establish a connection, but when the remote start working he cant see what he does, even that on the host his act are seen.

thanks zavik

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to pcanywhere - remote cant ...

What version of PC Anywhere is involved here and how are you making the connection?


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

I think that you'll find that the problem is related to a recent Security Patch from MS on your server as MS wants people to use their Remote Desktop and not third party applications.

At one of the MS Partners Meetings that I attended last year they where pushing the Remote Desktop idea quite hard so I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if they plugged a Hole that Symantec was taking advantage of just to put them off the market or require an upgrade to something newer that works differently and in the mean time got the people to switch to the Remote Desktop so that they wouldn't see the need to use the third party software again.

I would give Symantec a call on this one and they should have a solution if they are still offering support for version 10 as they are now selling Version 12. But the latest that I've used recently was version 10.5 but that was from a stand alone computer that had a Dial Up connection into the Software house that provided their main application a Medical Program which they use to do regular updates and the like.

Wops I should have read the Page as 12 is expected to start shipping in the third week of April 2006 so I would get in now and see if they have a solution as they don't appear to have an upgrade option on this product.


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by avramk456 In reply to pcanywhere - remote cant ...

hi hal

the connection was o.k. before, and for some reason the host is the issue.
that is beacuse a connection from the wan have this problem, and testing it from lan having the same problem.

here i am using pc 10 on both.

is the problem on a special configure of the host?


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