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    pcAnywhere stops aftr Incoming Call msg


    by edlevy ·

    I set up pcAnywhere for the first time on a user’s machine. When I try to dial into it, it detects the call and says “Incoming Call” then goes a message of “Idle”. I have set up a “host” on the host machine.

    Both machines are running pcAnywherev.9.1.2 and Windows 98. The host has modem selected as its only connection mode and there is a caller set up for the remote machine with superuser priveliges.

    (Also, a very basic question: I am right when to be calling directly from my modem to her modem, rather than going through her dial-up ISP, correct? She was sure I needed to be connected to her ISP, but then I just got a busy signal when I tried to dial in.)

    I have one other question – though this may be a discussion – WHERE IS SYMANTEC ONLINE SUPPORT?!?!?! I’ve always hated it, but it seems to me that they used to have a facility for sending in a question to their techs and having it answered in the next day or three. Now all I can find is their Knowledgebase, which is frequently woefully inadequate.

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