PCI bus - wrong way?

By carlos.vinaja ·
I have got a HP Proliant ML115 g1 server and have bought a 32 bit PCIv2.1/v2.2 LAN card.
So far so good.
Now I want to install it physically into the server. Not that easy.
It seems the PCI bus on the motherboard is mounted the wrong way.
So to fit the PCI card i would have to mount it with e the RJ45 connector inside the computer.
Whats wrong here?
What am I missing?

I have received one suggestion, that it could be that one is 5V and the other is 3.3.
Could this be it?

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check documentation

by oharaphil In reply to PCI bus - wrong way?

I have just looked atr the Hp website and it says that the following slots are on your motherboard

Two 32-bit/33MHz PCI at 3.3V slot , Two PCI-Express slots (x8 and x16).

Are there cards already in your system? these could be using the only 2 PCI slots and what you are looking at is the PCI express slot.
hope this helps

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me tto -any solution

by nbharadia In reply to PCI bus - wrong way?

I too have just tried to install a sound card (PCI) into my HP ML115 and the slot seems to be the wrong way around - Did you find a solution?


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Schoolboy Error.

by andy In reply to PCI bus - wrong way?

Have just discovered the PCI socket is the wrong way round (compared it with an HP business desktop)!!! The PCI-X sockets are ok though.


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The PCI slot is fine and you are correct.

by trainerforhire In reply to PCI bus - wrong way?

Hi, you are correct that the slot orientation reflects the voltage of the cards it will accept. You will find that most PCI cards you buy now have a notch near the front (at the face plate end), indicating they run at 3.3V. The older cards have the notch at the back and run at 5V. Some have notches at both ends and will work on either voltage. Hope this helps. If if makes you feel better, this is a common reaction and I went through the same thought process when I bought my ML110. :)

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