PCI-E 16x -> PCI

By wompai ·
Is there a way to use a videocard with a PCI-E 16x interface on a standard PCI or AGP mobo?

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by oldbaritone In reply to PCI-E 16x -> PCI

PCIe cards cannot be inserted into PCI slots.

PCIe only maintains software compatibility with PCI, but not hardware compatibility.

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Technically, there is a way

by robo_dev In reply to Nope

but it would involve swapping the motherboard :)

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I've only seen the opposite . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Nope

down converting,

PCI-e x1 to PCI Low Profile adapter

but the PCI Bus is too slow to be up-converted to a PCI-e
the PCI bus doesn't have the bandwidth to move the Multi Gbps that a PCI-e x1 has never mind an x16

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And don't bother...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to PCI-E 16x -> PCI

spending too much money on a PCI video card to install in that system. You can get a decent one for around $30.00. Any more would be a waste of money on that machine. Save the PCI-E card for a future machine.

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