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    pci ethernet adapter in desktop win98SE cannot get it to work


    by sanorti ·

    My desktop computer with a dial up modem connection and Win 98se system is out of storage this week and we tried to link it to the local network ( which is actually based on a bridge wireless connection at the moment waiting to set the router as a repeater and get more comprehensive access ).
    I need help with that (setting the wireless router as a repeater ).

    The wireless bridge network works fine with the laptop and the router.
    To add the desktop to the network I just purchased a PCI adapter card from D-Link DFF528TX for the desktop to be able to connect the ethernet cable from the router into the adapter card and acces the internet from the explorer5 application in win98se of the desktop.
    Well, card seems to work fine, new driver is set and appears in the list but I don’t know how to able what to make it work.
    Could someone out there help me with some advice on those two issues?

    thanks in advance

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