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    PCI Ethernet Controller


    by dsiverson ·

    I have a new dell computer that I had to fdisk & reformat because I had to have WIN98 on it to run some software. I have finally gotten all the drivers loaded however it can’t find the PCI Ethernet Controller. Where is that located? I ended up having to installed an additional 3 com 3C905-TXM nic because the original on the motherboard does not have 98 drivers. Those drivers installed fine, but still can’t find the PCI Ethernet Controller files. HELP!! I first loaded the chipset for this computer from the site without a problem ( I thought that’s where the PCI Ethernet Controller might be – but no)

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      Hardware or Driver?

      by thinknologist ·

      In reply to PCI Ethernet Controller

      In your posted problem, I am not quite sure if you are talking about the PCI Ethernet Controller or the PCI Ethernet Controller driver? Anyway here are my advice:

      For PCI Ethernet Controller:
      Check your BIOS property if your On-Board Ethernet Controller is enabled, If not an On-board (PCI Interface) insert the NIC to other PCI slot and enable the PCI related settings at the BIOS.

      For PCI Ethernet Controller files:
      Obtain the chip details (such as IC no. company name, etc) that uses the ethernet hardware then search at the internet a compatible or generic driver for that NIC.

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      Reference driver

      by thechas ·

      In reply to PCI Ethernet Controller

      You may need to identify the chip that the on-board NIC uses, and try the reference drivers from the chip mfg.

      Most PC makers do NOT provide drivers for other than the OS versions that originally shipped with the PC.


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