PCI Express card

By pradeepkmp ·
Hi Everybody,

Thanks for your time.

I have a Dell Optiplex 755 computer and I am trying to put a PCI Express card, (It's a customized one for
some particular data transfer which follows the existing PCI Express standards).

I put the PCIE card on the system and tried to boot the computer there is no response from the system.

There is no LED blinking red on the motherboard.
No ?beep? sounds on the system.
It just hangs like that.

I removed the card and tried again booting the computer, it boot normally.

I checked in the boot (F2- Windows Setup) and analyzed the Options for the PCIExpress slots and all slots are active and available.

Can anybody help me in resolving the issue.

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The 2 most likely options are

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PCI Express card

1 The Power Supply an not support an additional or PCIE Card

Or 2 The Chip Set of the Card conflicts with the Chip Set of the M'Board which prevents the Computer from Booting. The latter while more common with Video Cards is the most likely possibility.

When this happens with a Video Card the only solution is to change the card to a different Make or Model. The frustrating thing here is that the same Chip Set from a Different End Product Maker can work with the M'Boards while the original one will not work.


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hi try

by cholan41 In reply to The 2 most likely options ...

remove Mb and place it in Perfect table chk if any slight bend in MB(is Occured frequently) becoz u press (force) add on card ,and remove power& data from HDD then boot then Chk if any beeb sound is come and same time chk the ram also (some time RAM and ADD on card not suport) then u finalize which one is conflict most propably this error comes only on MB Slight Bend

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by Jacky Howe In reply to PCI Express card

your system got Primary Video:
If it has try changing it to the PCIEx16 slot.

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by pradeepkmp In reply to Has

my problem is more clear now

DELL main board doesnt like boards with PCIe boards with re-drivers,

For DELL the custom PCIE board which I has is not accepting and gives a error message which tell me that PCIe board doesnot appear to be a graphics board and that it therefire refuses to boot. regardless of BIOS setting i cant boot.

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As Oh Smeg

by Jacky Howe In reply to DELL

suggested try another card.

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Actually in this case you need to

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to As Oh Smeg

Try a different Computer because of the nature of the PCIe Card that you need to use.

Look at the Chip Set type of the M'Board and try a different Brand of Chip Set M'Board. I think you'll find here that Dell have altered the M'Board from the White Box type and with this M'Board will only allow Video PCIe Cards to be fitted.


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will BIOS remove will work

by pradeepkmp In reply to PCI Express card

will i try to change PCI configuration space has a "class code" register to show the device type. Is it possible for us to assign this register as the "Display Controller"
(0x03h) to "cheat" BIOS that there is a graphic card on PCIE slot? And then we can get the required resources as long as BIOS supports dual-display controllers to send all graphic datum flows to the other controller.

will this affect my system anyway.i just want to have some information before i try this.

any suggestions

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I honestly Don't Know the answer to any of these questions

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to will BIOS remove will wor ...

About all you can do is try it and hope for the best.


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