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PCI Graphics card trouble

By sam.g.taylor ·
I've got a (old) Dell Optiplex GX1 500Mtbr+ running Windows XP. I want to install a Rage 128 PCI card (w/ TV tuner), and by all accounts, it should be pretty easy. The integrated video shuts off automatically, and the PCI card works as the BIOS POSTs, but then as soon as Windows loads the signal is lost.

I deinstalled the integrated video and deleted the drivers, and tried to install the 128 drivers before physically installing the card, but the setup program quits after it realizes the PCI card isn't yet installed.

So to sum this sad saga up, can anyone explain just what the heck I'm doing wrong?

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by paul.desjardins In reply to PCI Graphics card trouble

We had a somewhat similar situation where I work, where there was a built on card and then an addon for optiplex GX110s. We would plug into the addon radeon card and the video would run on POST and then the Windows progress bar, but then disappear. Eventually we figured out it was still going to the onboard video card. The best way to test this would be hook up two monitors, one to each card and make sure the video is going away completely and not just running on the other card. By all accounts, the post and boot up will show on all cards and the OS will run on just one. This would be a good way to test and make sure the onboard card truly is disabled! That would be my first troubleshooting step.

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by septimiusagain In reply to PCI Graphics card trouble

a quick suggestion:

i have a comp with intergrated graphics.. when i installed a new PCI card my computer still booted with graphics and all.. but it wasnt listing the new card, it was still working off the intergrated graphics...

what i had to do was go into BIOS and in a setting there i had to switch the graphic setting FROM AGP to PCI... not sure exactly where it is in BIOS offhand, but it shuld be in there lol

try that... it worked for me..

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