PCI IDE to CDROM not working

By gb789us ·
Since I ran out of sata room and wanting to use my older dvd burner I got a PCI card with IDE port. I installed it and ran the cd; but nothing is coming in my computer.

I am running intel mother board with Intel q6600 quad core. I am running windows VISTA 64 bit. I have a 600watt power supply already powering 3 hard drives and one dvd burner. All are working fine except the old burner. Any ideas... Thanks.

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A Few Things

by TheChas In reply to PCI IDE to CDROM not work ...

Start by making sure that the IDE card shows up in Device manager.

If it has a yellow ? or !, then you need to reinstall the driver.

If the controller card shows up but not the drive, check the manufactures documentation. Verify that the card does support optical drives. (Some IDE cards only support hard drives.) If it does support optical drives, make sure that the drive is set to the recommended master / slave setting.

Have you tried a different IDE cable?

Have you checked that the IDE cable is oriented correctly on both ends?

Does the drive tray open and close?

If the drive has a headphone jack, will it play an audio CD?

Another possibility is that you may have a bad power cable from your power supply. If possible, try a different power connector.


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PCI cards

by .Martin. In reply to PCI IDE to CDROM not work ...

I know i can speak for IDE RAID PCI cards, do not support CD-drives /dvd-drives (im not sure about non-raid)

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by .Martin. In reply to PCI cards

swapping them over (if you can) so that the HDD is connected to the PCI card and the CD drive is connected to the Motherboard.

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Well the first thing you need to make sure of

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PCI IDE to CDROM not work ...

Is that your PCI to IDE Card is actually supported by 64 Bit Vista. I have not seen one that is but I do not use this type of card often.

If it came with Vista Drivers this Is Not Good Enough you need to use the 64 Bit Vista Drivers to load the PCI Card before you can even begin to see anything connected to it. Hoping that the Found New Hardware will suffice isn't good enough either you need to follow the Instructions provided by the Cards Maker on installing the Software that comes with it.

I have to completely agree with The Chas here look in Device Manager to see that the PCI to IDE card and it's drivers correctly installed and that there are no Resource Conflicts occurring.

When you have this correctly installed you can then try changing the IDE Lead and check the Power Lead if it still doesn't work. Also you need to make sure that the PCI Card you actually have is Vista Compatible I've just looked at one supplier and they have 3 different types 1 is Vista 32 Bit Compatible and the other two are not. None of the ones that they are selling are Compatible with a 64 Bit version of Vista.


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Checking on your recommendations

by gb789us In reply to Well the first thing you ...


I will try changing the power as the drive does not open. Also I bought a IDE cable with this and it is connected properly. I don't have any IDE ports on the board. Here is the PCI card site information:
I looked in the Device manager there aren't any flags for improper installation. How can I tell if it's installed right? I ran the cd which installed the Raid drivers for the PCI card. I see a PCI Bus and others see this link:
Thanks for the help. Let know what I should do if the power is not the issue.

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OK now I'm lost the Card that you gave a link to

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Checking on your recommen ...

Is a SATA Card not a IDE Card like you mentioned in your Original Post.

However looking at the Requirements for this Card you will see it clearly only covers XP & Vista 32 Bit OS as it doesn't state Vista or XP 64.

Pentium or equivalent PC with one available PCI slot

Windows 98DE/NT 4.0/ME/2000/XP/Vista

So it doesn't have the full 64 Bit Drivers and is very unlikely to work correctly on a 64 Bit OS.


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Getting new card

by gb789us In reply to OK now I'm lost the Card ...

Thanks for the insight guys. I thought since it had a IDE slot it would work. I'll have to look and see if I can get the siig locally or something that has vista 64 driver. I now thinking getting a card for IDE or a sata with for vista 64 (whichever I can get cheaper locally)and converting at the drive side if sata card is found.
Let me know if there is something wrong with my plans..

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What Controller Card?

by TheChas In reply to Checking on your recommen ...

Looking at your device manager screen shot, I do not see a standard IDE controller.

I see 3 different SATA controllers and a software controller, the Microsoft iSCI initiator.

It sounds like you might have either the wrong, or a bad IDE controller card.

As you are planning to connect optical drives to your IDE controller, you would be best off getting one that does not include a RAID function.

As Col is likely correct about needed a true 64 bit driver, you might consider this card.

I have generally been pleased with the performance of the Siig cards I have used.


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unused sata port

by gb789us In reply to What Controller Card?

By chance do you the unused sata port this card should have? I can't understand the device manager sometimes.

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