PCI LPT card prevent computer boot

By Daz'n'Ash ·
I have built a nice new computer, it doesn't have an onboard Paralell port so I installed a PCI Paralell card and when the machine that connects to it is plugged in, the computer will not start at all. If I remove the plug from the Paralell card, the computer will start normally. I can plug the machine back into the Paralell card after the computer starts and it all works fine. I can reboot the computer and it will be fine, but if I shut it down, it will not start as long as there is something plugged into the Paralell card.
the computer specs are ...
Intel i7-860
Asus P7P5D-E Deluxe
3gb DDR 3 1333 RipJaws
1TB Seagate SATA
Gainward Gt 240 1gb PCIe
1200w A-Power Tri Fan PSU
Added PCI Paralell card.
All housed in a nice Thermaltake V3 Black Case

All (Correct) manufacturer drivers are installed with no conflict.

Any ideas?

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Where did you get the PCI~LPT card from? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to PCI LPT card prevent comp ...

Maybe its malfunctioning.

Also "..when the machine that connects to it is plugged in, the computer will not start at all." - Odd that you refer to this external device as "the machine" so what is this beast?

*Also - what OS are you running?

Personally, I'd have been tempted to take the opposite course of action - sourcing an adapter for LPT~USB.

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What is the LPT1 Card?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PCI LPT card prevent comp ...

Also what OS is being used here?

If the PCI Card is older you may very well be experiencing Resource Conflicts when you have something plugged into the system. You may be required if this is some form of Windows to enter the Device Manager and alter the Resources used by both the LPT1 Card and what is plugged into it.

If this is a Old Card you should look at replacing it with a new one that suits your M'Boards Chip Set. Also if it has jumpers on it for the Base Addresses you'll need to alter these to suit the needs of whatever it is that you are plugging in.

You may also find that things work just by moving this PCI Card to another PCI Socket which has different resources allocated to it.


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What Do You Connect to the Parallel Port?

by TheChas In reply to PCI LPT card prevent comp ...

First thought is what do you connect to the parallel port?

Next thought would be to check the BIOS settings for Wake on Activity and other advanced settings.

Another thought is that even if the motherboard does not physically have a parallel port, the chip-set and BIOS may support one and it has not been disabled in BIOS settings causing a conflict for POST when a device is connected to the parallel port.

Post back with the details on the connected device and the brand and model of your parallel card.


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