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Hi Tech guru's. I'm an avid gamer and I regularly play the lads on pc games. I host as I have the most powerfull rig. The problem is that they keep getting network interupted messages. We have narrowed it down after finger pointing and accusations of cheating to my network card. I have an updated Netgear 311v3 installed and it just cant take 3-4 laptops connecting to it. Can you reccomend an internal router type card that will be able to handle multiple computers? I only want to go for the external router option if there is absolutly no other way of having an internal card.

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Check the specs on these

by seanferd In reply to PCI Router

I couldn't personally recommend one, but see which will support your configurations.

Of course, if you do use an external router, your system won't have to power it itself, as it would have it's own mains. No possibility of it taking other system resources, either.

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It was just a search for PCI router

by seanferd In reply to Check the specs on these

Which I've also added to my previous reply. I can't recommend one myself, but perhaps someone will. Take a look and see what fits your bill, then maybe ask about the particular routers you are considering. Don't forget that there are usually tons of reviews for any particular model of a product if you do a search on it.

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