pci serial controller

By ladyscorpio1975 ·
I'm having issues with my laptop. I somehow knocked out the pci controller and I do not know how to re-install it and I do not have a disk and I was able to connect to the Internet wirelessly but now I can not it is detecting the router but it is not detecting the internet. Is this because the pci controller is out and if so how can I fix this problem.

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I'm confused ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to pci serial controller

Laptops are by there nature, sensitive to any form of physical trauma.

So, "somehow knocked out" doesn't really cut the mustard. What happened to this laptop?

What do you mean by "the pci controller"? I'm not really sure what you are referring to.

Also - what is the make and model?

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OK I'm assuming that by Knocking it out you mean Removed, Deleted

by OH Smeg In reply to pci serial controller

Disabled or otherwise stooped the PCI Controller from working right?

If that is the case ands you can see the Router I would imagine that the NB isn't actually connecting to the Router that is why you are not seeing the Internet the Router is preventing the Connection from the NB to itself.

As you can obviously access the Net presumably on a different computer go the the NB's Makers Web Site and download the M'Board Drivers for your NB and install them.

Unless you somehow managed to disable the PCI Controller that should fix your current problem regarding the Missing driver. You'll most likely have to setup a New WiFi Connection to your Router but that's not difficult.


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