PCI Slots-Why are MFG's so stingy?

By dumbneasy ·
What's with the dwindling supply of PCI slots in new computers? Do any MFG's make any off-the-shelf four, five, or more PCI slotted systems. I just hate sharing resources with on-board stuff!

Thank you

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Most consumers don't need them

by Mike.Shelton2 In reply to PCI Slots-Why are MFG's s ...

Most motherboards now have just about everything you need already integrated. Networking, sound, USB, SATA/PATA, etc. Almost all video cards are now PCIe or AGP. Most motherboards still have two or three PCI slots for those who still wish to add something. Very few consumers need more slots. For those that do, if you look hard enough (go to and search for 4PCI or 5PCI), you can still find them.

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ATX form factor

by CG IT In reply to Most consumers don't need ...

their more expensive

but more importantly is the ATX form factor.

only so much room on a ATX standard board.

With SLI dual PCIe 16 that takes up 3 of the usual 5 to 6 PCI slots. and the one PCIe 16 slot next to a PCI slot is usually taken by huge graphics cards.

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Thanks CG

by dumbneasy In reply to ATX form factor

Those PCI cards I was talking about? Well I have big towers, too! LOL!

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Thanks Mike!

by dumbneasy In reply to Most consumers don't need ...

Yah, but I'm trying to run both my monitor and my big screen (That's two cards) and my soundblaster (3rd card) and my wireless PCI ethernet (4th), then Dell uses PCI for the modem in a Demension 4700 (5) and here I have all these other cards and no place to plug them in either.
I've been buying PCI cards for over 5 years now and can't afford to keep buying new stuff. I wanna use some of the still good old stuff!
Somebody needs to invent a PCI add-on box! LOL!

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by In reply to Thanks Mike!

"then Dell uses PCI for the modem in a Demension 4700 (5) and here I have all these other cards and no place to plug them in either."

There's your mistake, Dell! Naturally being a budget box mover they are going to use the most cost effective solution, which is an all integrated motherboard with few PCI slots. I have seen many Dell's lately that only come with one expansion slot, let alone PCI slots.

If you want something special you need to custom build, not go out and buy a budget home delivery box that you've never seen the inside of and so never knew how many PCI slots it had in the frst place. I can pick out any number of motherboard that have 3 accessible PCI slots.


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Be Nice!

by dumbneasy In reply to DELL?!?

This Dell has 3 PCI slots. The only problem is the first one has an "e" after it. :)

And besides, this is the first Dell I've owned. Have had it for 2 1/2 years and live out in the midle of nowhere.

Two weeks ago I had my first crisis-motherboard failure. Called Dell and they send a tech out to replace it-no charge. The tech had to drive 250 miles round trip to my house and back.

So.... I'll keep my Dell until the warranty runs out. You might say I'm just doing research now. But as a company who looks after its customers, I've got no complaints with Dell.

So be nice! LOL! And thanks for the reply.

Steve in Montana

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