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PCI Sound Pro (Built-in) and SPDIF IN pr

By carol ·
I added an SPDIF digital audio cable to my pc and the CDs sound better than ever. The problem is when I have the SPDIF IN enabled in the volume properties I can hear the CDROM scanning the CDs even when there's no program open to play them (very obnoxious sound)or when I am done playing a CD and put another one in it just flips out as soon as I close the drive and I get a very loud squeal(even more obnoxious sound) until I hit play on the CD player and the music starts playing just fine. It also makes this sound if the SPDIF IN is enabled when the computer restarts if there's a CD in the drive. There is nothing else plugged into the sound card. I do have a CD-R on this computer also, but when I try to hook it up to that I don't get anything. I am out of ideas except for maybe trying another cable but it seems more like a configuration problem since it does seem to work when CDs are actually playing. Anyone have experience with SPDIF IN and got some ideas?

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PCI Sound Pro (Built-in) and SPDIF IN pr

by csheltcomp In reply to PCI Sound Pro (Built-in) ...

Adjust your software volumes down a little. If tyhe input and out put are too high, this will happen. It is like that on the amptron and pcchips boards...IE M598,m599lmr, etc..

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PCI Sound Pro (Built-in) and SPDIF IN pr

by carol In reply to PCI Sound Pro (Built-in) ...

Doesn't make any difference how high the volumes are. I've tried all volumes on the speakers and the card and in the software. This is happening once the sound programs are closed as well. Until I restart or play another CD they hang onto that digital connection and buzz/screech (kind of a mix of both) even when I'm not using the sound programs anymore.

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