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    pci usb card ver 2


    by crisbilly ·

    Good day, brothers.

    I bought a pci intex 4 port usb 2.0 card for my asus p299b motherboard (SLOT1, Pentium III 450). But when I installed the card, my system did not respond not even a POST. It seemed dead although it has power LEDs. I removed the card and my system is ok again. I tried the card on other pci slots on my board but same problem I got. I tested each pci slots with other devices, video card and sound card and it’s running fine.

    I tried the usb card on other pc’s–socket7, another slot1 model, socket 370 and socket 478. It won’t work on socket7,slot1 and 370 but it works on socket 478.

    I did not expect this thing to happen, please advise.

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      by shuja52 ·

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      Cheap PCI card available in the market have problem with old PCs go for IOGEAR 3 USB 2.0/ 2 FIREWIRE COMBO PCI CARD 5 PORT PCI COMBO CARD MAC/PC

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      Reply To: pci usb card ver 2

      by hal 9000 ·

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      This is a common problem particularly with 440 Chip Set M’Boards you’ll need to buy one of the expensive USB PCI Cards to avoid this problem.

      What your problem is You have a Chip Set Incompatibility which is preventing the M’Board from starting to work. The same thing can happen if you have one of the extended PCI Ports and most new Video Capture Cards they just will not work together.

      As you want USB 2 your only option is to go to one of the expensive PCI Cards and make sure that it’s a different Chip set to the one that you currently have. Most USB Cards are 1 of 2 commonly available chip sets.


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      driver request

      by bsgkm34 ·

      In reply to pci usb card ver 2

      sir, gud day. may i request from your good heart the driver of pci intex 4 port usb 2.0 card? i lost my cd installer. i didn’t find a driver of it… please sir.. thanks so much


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