PCIe video card

By ralandrum ·
I just bought a new PCIe video card but my bios and windows does not see it. any help would be great.

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Well if you where to tell us

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PCIe video card

What you where trying to connect it to it would help no end.

If you have On Board Video you'll need to forget about the BIOS and just go ahead and install the necessary drivers and these will most likely include the M'Board Chip Set Drivers as well. Actually it's quite common for a New Video Card not to be useful till the drivers are installed and then you get a picture while you go through the POST and when Windows Starts the monitor goes blank and you need to switch over to the new Video Card after the drivers & Software have been installed.

But if Windows didn't at least run the Found New Hardware Wizard when it was first started it sounds as if you don't have the correct M'Board drivers installed. Visit the makers web site of either the M'Board or the System and download the latest drivers available.


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More Info

by ralandrum In reply to PCIe video card

I have an AMI Olympus IV motherboard with onboard Intel chipset, its running AMI bios (latest version), Win 2000pro, 350w power supply. The fan on the video card runs but thats all. I tested the card on a different system, worked fine. I attempt to load the driver for the video card (XFX GeForce 7600GT) and receive card not detected error.

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Well as the On Board and PCI E slot share the same bus

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to More Info

I think that you'll have to go into BIOS and disable the On Board Video before you can attempt to install the necessary drivers for the new PCI e Video Card.

You'll also need to make sure that you have the latest available M'Board drivers because according to the specs of this M'Board

One PCI Express X 16 Slot
Three PCI 32-bit 33MHZ 2.3 slot
On-Board 10/100/1000 LAN on PCI Express Bus
On-Board VGA on PCI Express Bus

You can have one or the other but nor both at the same time.


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seating card

by cgreer64 In reply to More Info

Make sure pci e card is properly installed (pushed all the way in)

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Newer video cards

by mjd420nova In reply to PCIe video card

Check out the box for another smaller connector cable. The newer boards require this extra cable to supply power to the card without drawing excessive current thru the mother board connectors.

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