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    PCL XL error


    by patb071 ·

    Subsystem: kernel
    Error: UnsupportedProtocol
    Operator: 0x0
    Postion: 0

    This error prints out on a networked HP LJ 5m every night. With this being a networked printer i am not sure what could be causing the error to print. The print server has the LJ 4 driver (Must have), but a bunch of machines have the printer setup through a local TCP/IP port with the correct drivers. Any recommendations?

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      by patb071 ·

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      Usually driver issue…

      by dedlbug ·

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      I’m not sure why the error decides toprint every night, but usually this error is a bad driver. Any reason why the Print Server has a different driver installed than the workstations? Does it print correctly?

      I would probably update the driver on the print server or uninstall it (just to test then) and see if the error is still being generated. Confirm that the other computers have the correct driver and can print without issue.

      Keep us posted. =]

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        by patb071 ·

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        The printer server usues the generic LaserJet 4 driver for all of our printers due to the main software we use. When i came in first thing this morning I checked the printer and the error wasn’t there. Then i went to my desk and ran my morning Access reports and sure enough after i printed them the error was there. The wierd thing is my computer is always on and i don’t print any access reports to that printer. I will update my drivers and see what happens tomorrow. thanks

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