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pcmcia problem

By MouhammadZehim ·
a laptop that was working fine, but has suddenly developed a number of errors. The most critical is the wireless PCMCIA adapter, which is now getting "resource conflicts" when attempting to run it. A USB wireless adapter works fine. All the manufacturer diagnostics check out ok. What do you do next

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by BFilmFan In reply to pcmcia problem

Do you think we are going to do all your homework?

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by MouhammadZehim In reply to

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by BFilmFan In reply to pcmcia problem

That's Mr. #1 Prick to you....

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by maxwell edison In reply to pcmcia problem

You'll need to buy a new laptop. The problem you describe is a sure-sign of being infected with the ResCon worm. Unfortunately, the situation is fatal to a laptop. If you had a regular desktop with this problem, you could have reformatted the hard drive, flashed the BIOS, and then reinstalled the operating system and all applications. But on a laptop, because of the proprietary firmware installed, you can't. So buy a new laptop, and start all over again. And whatever you do, don't try to transfer the files over to the new laptop. Unless, of course, you want to trash the new one as well. Good luck.

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by The Admiral In reply to pcmcia problem

I think the problem has to do with the inability of the operating system to appropriately assign resources on a legacy laptop. Perhaps the tried and true method of the following will work:

1. Get a chicken - alive and clucking.
2. Add a Voodoo Priest
3. Have Seyonce.
4. Sacrifice Chicken.
5. Place chicken blood on laptop.
6. Have Voodoo Priest chant toward laptop.
7. Reboot.

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by MouhammadZehim In reply to
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by jmgarvin In reply to pcmcia problem

The Admiral you are SO stupid sometimes. You need a woogy stick. Simply wave the woogy stick over the keyboard and then BANG AS HARD AS YOU CAN AGAINST THE LAPTOP IN ALL PLACES. This should cure all.

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by jdclyde In reply to pcmcia problem

Got to roll the bones!

Get out the bone bag you keep with bones from your ancient ancestors, have a big fire and dump out the bones.

After close consideration of the way they land, you will know the way.

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by Jaqui In reply to pcmcia problem

the only real solution is to switch to a real os.
get openbsd and install on every machine.
otherwise these problems will constantly crop up.

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by dwightp In reply to pcmcia problem

If you do not have bones or a stick, trying smacking the laptop with the textbook you should be reading. Seriously man; you need to do YOUR OWN WORK and not abuse the forums here.

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