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    Pc’s rebooting own there own!


    by bmcelmury ·

    We are having muliple pc’s rebooting on their own. They are all Dells running Win95 and Win98. The processers 266 to a 400. It seems that it all started once we went to Groupwise on Novell. Are network is not setup to reboot individual computers. No hardware has been added to any system. Systems are scattered about building. I am not giving up on that it could be the power supply or cpu. It did call Dell and the Tech told me it had to be the network. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Brian

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      Pc’s rebooting own there own!

      by silkwyrm ·

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      My experience with Groupwise is that it’s annoying and glitchy. Though I’ve never known it to reboot machines. We have been using it for greater than 5 years. Was there any other software recently installed? If not, test your theory that its a couple powersupplies going bad. Find a system that reboots often and swap power supplies with a system that doesn’t then see if the problem migrates to the previously fine machine. If this is not the case. Check BIOS settings look for settings regarding PME ACPI or WOL make sure they are set the same as the nonrebooting systems. Lastly try swapping the network cards out. If they are Wake On LAN cards, they have the ability to reboot a system via remote command with proper software. But if the cards are bad, this could be an unfortunate side effect.
      Good Luck

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      Pc’s rebooting own there own!

      by calves ·

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      You probably heard of the defected chips and MB from Intel that expontanously reboot the machine. Here is the URL:

      Intel will replace the MB for you…
      Good Luck!

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      Pc’s rebooting own there own!

      by jklittle ·

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      The first two answer are on target, just my two cents though. An easier way to check the network would be to diconnect the machine from the net, if the system reboots after the user logins in, then the problem is local to the machine and not the network it self. If the systems do not reboot when the network is unplugged then a signal is being sent from somewhere to reboot the machine.

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      Pc’s rebooting own there own!

      by pyro ·

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      If u have an AMD cpu heat my be a factor ..
      But u did say that you went to Groupwise on Novell, try uninstall Groupwise and see
      what happend, if it does’nt reboot then there’s ur problem. a wrong configuration


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