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PC?s suddenly losing connection to the router.

By hollywoodmi ·
I manage a network w/ approx. 60 PC's. I'm using a Netopia 3347W-ENT router connected to an ADSL conn. 3.0/768. The rtr. is also handling DHCP and has only 1 subnet on it. I have a fiber link & transceiver between the floors connecting to different switches/hubs, Cisco, 3Com & Netgear. Everything has been running fine for a few years up until now. What?s happening is all of a sudden PC?s are losing their connection to the rtr. They can talk to other PC?s on the network just not the rtr. which means no Internet. It?s seems like it?s moving from PC to PC. Once one starts working again, a different one goes down. If?s it?s first thing in the morning that means that PC does not get DHCP info. It doesn?t matter if I statically code that PC or not. Nothing to my knowledge has change in the past few weeks. It?s very frustrating; Please Help! Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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Something to look at

by w2ktechman In reply to PC?s suddenly losing conn ...

If they are losing connection, and it seems to be travelling between systems, are there enough IP addersses for all of the clients configured in DHCP?

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DHCP scope is set for 100

by hollywoodmi In reply to Something to look at

I'm only using 40 out of the 100 addresses in the DHCP scope. Besides removing that all together and statically config. makes no difference on the behavior.

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Hardware failure

by mjd420nova In reply to PC?s suddenly losing conn ...

This sounds like the beginning of the end for the router. First they get flaky and won't connect, and then gets progressively worse, last longer and affect more ports. Replace now while you still have hair.

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Could really be a hardware failure..

by tor10rox In reply to Hardware failure

or firmware is corrupted and needs to be reflashed..

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hardware failure ??

by hollywoodmi In reply to Could really be a hardwar ...

Not sure about hardware failure, I'm having the same problem with a wireless connection.

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Had a similar problem

by viruser Staff In reply to hardware failure ??

I would say replace the router too!! I had a home network going for a while that included a wireless connection to a laptop. The connection would fluctuate from time to time like you described and I went in to a local store and bought a new fine now!!

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New Router?

by hollywoodmi In reply to PC?s suddenly losing conn ...

I plan to change the router w/ a new one but not really convinced that's the problem. Will see though; I'll post after a week or so with the new router in place.

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New Router seemed to fix it.

by hollywoodmi In reply to New Router?

I replaced the router at the same time I upgraded my circuit. So far no problems!

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