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PCs that won't shutdown.

By Hitman Geno ·
I have a number of Gateway PCs running Windows XP Professional, SP2. On a few, somewhat randomly, the shutdown feature doesn't work. My users click Start and Shutdown. But, in most cases they never see (or don't see before they become impatient) the choices to Logoff, Shutdown, Restart or Standby. I'm fairly certain 2GB of RAM is enough to aid these PCs in closing out open tasks.

In one case, the PC gets the shutdown choices and allows the user to select. But, when Shutdown is chosen, the PC will go through all the Windows Shutdown until you see nothing but a blue screen (not BSOD) and a mouse cursor. The Hard Drive stops spinning and the PC stays right there...ON. I've upgraded the BIOS from the manufacturer. But, the manufacturer is Gateway and they're out of business.

Any thoughts?

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Just for laughs, try this.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to PCs that won't shutdown.

Shut the machine down, holding the power button if necessary.

Unplug the machine for 30 seconds, then plug it back up.

Boot the system and have the user log on. DO NOT ALLOW THE USER TO DO ANYTHING ELSE.

After the system has completely started (icons in place, all tray apps running, etc.), without having started any apps, try to do a normal shutdown.

If you are able to shut the machine cleanly, repeat the above sequence a second time. If it shuts down cleanly the second time, let the user go about his normal activities.

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My old fallback

by Oz_Media In reply to PCs that won't shutdown.

When we had dozens of users (back in the old Win98 never shuts down era) I would just tie the power cord to their ankle, then when they got up to leave the PC would auto shut down.

Seriously though, it is common for XP when drivers are not properly signed, they just don't let go. Commonly there are issues with soundblaster LIve audio cards and many raphics cards, see here for some more tips.


You should also repost your question in the correct forum though, instead of selecting START A DISCUSSION, select ASK A QUSTION, there are two sets of forums here, the QUESTIONS forum will get yuo a lot more answers.

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Yes, 98 never shutdown correctly

by Slayer_ In reply to My old fallback

The shutdown command was pretty much useless. At one point I gave up using it and just started hitting my power button when I was done.

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what happens when unplugged ? boot up ?

by lawrephord In reply to PCs that won't shutdown.

will they boot up ? if unplugged ?

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