PCs with multiple network cards

By jr_hearty ·

Almost all of my users are on laptops with built in wireless.

I am running in a Windows 2003 Active Directory environment.

My problem is when my users move around the corporate campus. They get assigned multiple IP addresses.

If we try to connect to them via their FQDN, it often points to an IP address that they aren't currently using. Sometimes another user will have already been leased that IP address and so the IP address and the FQDN aren't correctly matched.

Are my DNS setting wrong? Has anyone else dealt with this issue?

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Sounds as if you don't have the Roaming Profiles set correctly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PCs with multiple network ...

One of these links may prove useful to you for a solution.

Or here is a Forum for Roaming Profiles on the MS Web Site that may prove useful to you


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Check DHCP Settings

by Steve Regner In reply to PCs with multiple network ...

I'm assuming you are using DHCP to assign IP Address, so two things. If your users move around alot from subnet to subnet try shortening the lease period. Base it upon how often a user moves. If users are in different areas on a daily basis set the lease to only 1 day or even half a day. Second, have your DHCP server update the DNS in your domain for your clients all the time, not just when the client requests, this can be checked on the DHCP Properties of the server under the DNS tab.

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