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By kristinfirkins ·
I am getting ready to purchase a PDA for my husband...he would like to be able to hook it directly to his laptop that he carries in his backpack and access the interent from his laptop on his this possible? what type of pda would your recommend?

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by w2ktechman In reply to pda

Most PDA's will be able to do this, and to sync with Outlook

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by robo_dev In reply to pda

it is somewhat complicated and illogical, but you could establish a bluetooth or WiFi connection between the laptop and PDA.

Then if you have a broadband wireless internet connection on the laptop (T-mobile or similar) then you could connect the pda thru the laptop's internet connection.

Couple of pointers:
1) operating the laptop in a backpack is not good. It may overheat, and the jarring may destroy it's hard drive. also, it would need to be configured to stay powered up with the lid closed, and not go into standby mode, which would kill the network connections.

2) it would make a whole lot more sense to just get wifi or broadband wireless capability in the PDA device.

As far as PDAs, there are two basic types: Palm OS devices and Windows Mobile OS devices. Palm tends to be a little more stable, yet limited and better suited to being a good calendar/organizer.
(It's not as flashy, but it works)

Windows tends to have better application/multimedia support, but is more complex. (It's waaay cooler, and it works, most of the time).

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by Choppit In reply to pda

Most WiFi enabled PDAs have integrated web browsers (some better than others) so I'd start with a list of other requirements. Some points I feel are important to consider;
Would a larger or higher reslution screen be of benefit. Most PDAs have a screen resolution of 320x240 but some have 640x480. This can make a massive difference if you regularly use the PDA for web surfing or reading documents. Consider the availability of add on applications for the platform and also battery life.

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