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PDAs for CIOs

By Suzanne Thornberry ·
We're interested in hearing from IT executives on how they use PDAs in their lives--or if they've decided that they technology doesn't have enough to offer them. If you like the devices, what features are the most helpful to you?

--Suzanne Thornberry
on assignment for CIORepublic

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A reply from tech support

by Harry Bosch In reply to PDAs for CIOs

I'm no CEO but I'm currently supporting 4 members from our board of directors and help them use their brand new Palm M505 PDA's. Its a nightmare.

The problem is syncing the damned things with a usefull workgroup application (in our case Lotus Notes). Appointments get lost and some times the software just quits out because it can't handle much more than ~600 appointments per sync.

We have run several laboratory test and our conclusion is that the software is to immature and the lack of an open communication standard that specifies workgroup software to PDA synchronising/translation makes the current generation of PDA's useless for serious work. To be certain of our conclusion (and help some poor consultant put food on the table in these difficult times) we're in the process of getting a second opinion but we don't see them coming to any other conclusion than the one whe had. Without a working link to a workgroup application the PDA is a toy. Board members on this level rarely make their own appointments their secretaries do that for them. If only the PDA would sync reliably with their agenda before the leave the office and would update the 1-2 appointments they do on the run the following sync cycle it would be a perfect tool but alas it ain't so.

Does anyone have a better experiences syncing Lotus Notes to a PDA? I'm also intersseted if the other side (the vendor locked WinCE <-> Outlook side) has better experiences.

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A reply from Tech Support

by Suzanne Thornberry In reply to A reply from tech support


That's a terrific comment! I'd like to quote you in an article that will appear in CIORepublic. If that's OK with you, would you please e-mail me and let me know how you'd like to be identified? (That is, is it OK to use your name? How about your company name, or a description of the business you're in.)

Suzanne Thornberry

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sync w/ lotus notes

by tmb42 In reply to A reply from Tech Support


I have a compaq ipaq pocket pc and a program called intellisync that I have had no troubles at all with, just something to look into. Hope it helps.

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experiences syncing Lotus to a PDA?

by wchambers In reply to A reply from tech support

We are running Exchange 5.5 at my company and synch several palm Pilots using software from Extended Systems. This runs very well and also supports Lotus. They have a free download at their site, their tech support is good and the price very reasonable.
I suggest you try the download, that is what I did and had no regrets since.

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Synch to Lotus Notes

by michael_morgan In reply to experiences syncing Lotus ...

I use a Palm V and synch quite successfully to Lotus Notes using Lotus' own product, "Easysync".

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Sync Lotus Notes to Palm or CE devices

by albert.gubiotti In reply to experiences syncing Lotus ...

We have been using Intellisync from Puma Technology for Lotus Notes for over 2 years with very little problems. Inexpensive and easy to use.

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Good experience with Cadenza

by pterry In reply to experiences syncing Lotus ...

I have been using Cadenza from Commontime for syncing two HP PDA's (680 & 56 to both Lotus 4.5 & 5.0 for a little over 2 years. The product has been flawless and very easy to use. Installation is not tricky, but requires a certain level of knowledge not generally found in the user community. The product can also be configured to sync to the Notes server instead of the client PC. I have noted on the Brightleaf PDA forum that others have had similar experience with Cadenza.

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To some extent I agree with Harry but...

by Joe Hardstaff In reply to A reply from tech support

As head of an R&amp team, I have been responsible for the investigation into PDA's and specifically Notes replication.

There are a wide variety of products that are available today such as XTND Connect, Intellisync, Easysync and Pylon Pro Conduit.We have generally found that these products work well for the platforms they are designed for (WinCE & Palm).

The real problem is not the maturity of the replication applications (although there is room for omprovement), but the nature of the functionality. We have had more problems resulting from lack of user education, or a misunderstanding of the capabilities of the products rather than a failure of the product to replicate.

For what it is worth, we have recommended the use of Pylon Pro Conduit for Palm devices. The jury is still out on an appropriate WinCE application, however both XTND Connect and Intellisync are the front runners.

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Experience with Notes Syncing

by KimAnn In reply to A reply from tech support

We support about 1,000 users syncing to Lotus Notes via EasySync and have come to similar conclusions as Harry. Syncing problems are more rampant with older versions of Notes - 4.6 is worse than 5.0. Issues generally occur when users create repeating meetings and then try to post changes to them. If you create repeating meetings as 'repeat every 7 days' instead of 'repeat weekly' there are fewer problems. We're testing Intellisync now, but have found that it, too, has unique issues. We're currently investigating the use of centralized server synchronization, but our ability to adopt this will depend upon the justification we can specify.

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Hard Benefits

by dfwelch In reply to PDAs for CIOs

We have a lot of PDAs at our office, but our IT Support team is leary of what level of support to offer. My challenge is to come up with some specific $ benefits to get them on board:

e.g. Paper schedules not printed, killer applications, other cost avoidance, etc.

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