PDC Migration....from w2k3 to w2k8

By brian.webb ·
Hello all,

I am a systems analyst in a midsized company, roughly 1000 users, and our current PDC server, which also houses DHCP, DNS, NTP, is at the end of it's life cycle and we are going to be replacing it in the next month or so. I am currently running W2k3 off of the current PDC, and am looking to upgrade it to w2k8. I have a couple of questions regarding this upgrade/migration...

What would be the process if I were to upgrade and migrate to the new w2k8 server and want to make it the PDC? And would I be able to assign the new w2k8 PDC server with the IP of the previous w2k3 PDC server when we take it off production?

...would we initially prepare it into the domain environment and add is as a domain controller in the w2k3 environment, and then make
it the PDC after we had it set up ? If this were the case, we would have to assign the w2k8 with a different static IP correct?

...after configuring the w2k8 as a DC, would we just make that the PDC? if so how would I go about putting the static IP of the w2k3 PDC on the new w2k8 server? Would I just take the w2k3 server off production and then assign it the previous PDC's IP?
(basically I'm looking to get a w2k8 PDC server into production w/the current IP of the PDC server we have now)

Would there be any conflictions having a w2k8 PDC running w/all w2k3 DC's? We currently have 13 DC's all running w2k3.

How difficult of a transition would this be for a midsized company with about 1000 users and 13 DC's running w2k3?

Is there any migration software that will take care of the configuration issues for us? or is this all manual?

I appreciate all the help/advice anyone can give! Many thanks!!

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