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How do I create a PDF file that I can send to a customer electronically and they can fill the file out electronically and send it back?

Thanks for your help!

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Adobe Acrobat Professional

by nepenthe0 In reply to PDF

You can create interactive .pdf forms with Adobe Acrobat Professional. The retail price for a single license is $449.

The recipient can fill in the form fields using the free Adobe Reader. Alas, the recipient cannot save the entered text without a copy of Acrobat.

If you surf the Internet with Google, you will find any number of Acrobat wanna be applications that claim to be able to save the entered text and return the document via e-mail attachment.

One such application that has received honorable mention in this Forum is Foxit:

Old Mycroft is an advocate of Foxit. I have never used it. I don't know if you can create interactive .pdf forms with Foxit.

Please see yesterday's Forum thread on this subject:

Be sure to read my response in this thread before you make a purchase decision.

Rick/Portland, OR

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Hi there

by zlitocook In reply to PDF

Is a alot of free PDF maker software out there, just go to google and type free pdf.

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Free software that I use

by jdclyde In reply to PDF

Have used it for just over a year now.

free download, makes pdf's quicker than adobe does, and they are a fairly small file.

there will be a "converter" that it will want you to install, but that is free too and it will take you to it.

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I use it too.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Free software that I use

It's a very handy program. But, it doesn't allow you to create a fillable form. Just a flat PDF file.

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I'm a cheapskate

by Jacky Howe In reply to PDF

I would use one of the free PDF creators and get them to FAX back the information.

Here is some info for you to perouse.

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by jdclyde In reply to I'm a cheapskate
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At least a fax document

by Dumphrey In reply to fax?

can be legally binding...

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We send and receive a lot of faxes

by jdclyde In reply to At least a fax document

and it is a royal pain in the a$$.

I think we are down to 10 fax machines, but had about 30 as little as 5 years ago.

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We only have 3

by Dumphrey In reply to We send and receive a lot ...

most of our work is emailed PDF's, but the licensing for acrobat is outrageous when you consider over half our workstations have it installed =\

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Welcome to Sunny Queensland :)

by Jacky Howe In reply to fax?

please wind your clocks back twenty years before leaving the terminal.

There are still Businesses here that don't use Computers. :)

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