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By Cudmasters Los ·
i am running a 64 bit 2008 server. Have ftp running. if i log into the server, and DO NOT have adobe, i can save file to computer, install adobe and open.

If i have adobe, it will open the file to a point you can see the gray backround, but won't open. Also, it will not allow me to save the file.

i have tried to enable ftp folder view(outside of IE)
I have tried Use Passive FTP(for firewall and DSL modem compatibility)

i have tried these in diffrent ways on off off on 1 on 1 off etc.

can open up a file in powerpoint.

any ideas


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Possible Version Control or Version Problem

by Toolman5774 In reply to PDF and FTP site

I'm just venturing a guess here, but it sounds like an Adobe problem. Perhaps there is some version control within Acrobat, or even just an incompatibility of sorts. What version of Acrobat/ Reader are you using? Try using a different version?

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by Cudmasters Los In reply to Possible Version Control ...

yea, i meant to post here, i found somewhere on google that there is a problem with adobex not working with ftp. Adobe X is the new adobe.I called adobe, one tech i talked to said he didn't know anything about it.

Thanks for your reply.

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