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PDF Conversion Software (PDF to word doc or rtf)

By p.manuel ·
Is it possible to convert PDF documnetsa to word documnets without loosing its format in total.

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by DC_GUY In reply to PDF Conversion Software ( ...

PDF files are graphic images. If there is any text embedded in them it is encoded as an image. The software that creates and processes PDF files cannot tell the difference between text and other images. The individual characters in the text are not identifiable.

Word files are character strings with embedded graphic images. Word processors recognize the individual characters and preserve them. The graphics illustrations can only be manipulated in rudimentary ways.

You could translate a .pdf file into another graphic format (perhaps .jpg) that is recognizable to Word, and Word could import the graphic file as an illustration. But it will never be able to identify and process the text in the illustration because the characters are coded as graphics, not text. The individual characters are not identifiable.

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An OCR scan

by Oz_Media In reply to No.

You can try scanning with a decent OCR (Optical character recognition) program. Many fail miserably but I have a copy that came with my Okidata all-in-one and it rocks!

I hear that Print House Deluxe has a fairly decent OCR program although I haven't used it myself.

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by azw In reply to PDF Conversion Software ( ...

Actually there are software solutions that allow conversion of pdf files to text files, even Word docs. Google on "pdf to word doc" to see what I mean.

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Of course, how stupid of me.

by DC_GUY In reply to Yes!

A scanner converts what it scans into a graphic format and OCR software can analyze it and pick out the text.

Obviously taking a file that's already in graphic format and picking out the text is exactly the same thing, just skipping the first step.

My apologies.

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by kristensen In reply to PDF Conversion Software ( ...

The program pdfedit995 manage conversion and back. Alailable at

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no problem

by petremure In reply to PDF Conversion Software ( ...

There is a multitude of apps that do just that, convert pdf to rtf, word, html, txt.
In my opinion, the best results give Solidconverter, Scansoft Omnipage and Pdf Grabber, though the list is far longer. P.

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PDF Conversion Tool

by jdewers In reply to PDF Conversion Software ( ...

I recently fielded this request from a customer of mine and located a handy tool from <> called PDF2Word. It is amazingly simple to operate and hassle-free.

You can download a trial copy from the hyperlink above and purchase it later if you like the app.

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