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By bsalaices ·
I scanned a PDF file and I can not edit it ...PLEASE HELP

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Adobe Writer

by BFilmFan In reply to PDF Files

Or use one of the utilities to convert it to a word processing document you can modify and then back into a PDF.

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by bsalaices In reply to Adobe Writer

I scanned the document into a PDF file then i am suppose to be able to edit the document and i am unable to do that, how do i change it to a word doc.?

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You can use one of the many

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PDF FILE

PDF to Word Converters though you may loose some formating.

Depending on what you used to Scan into a PDF you may not have a PDF Editor just a PDF Reader like the Adobe one. You could also try one of the PDF Creators which I believe will solve your problem as well.

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by Kingbackwards In reply to PDF Files

When you scan a document or anything for that matter, the pdf that is generated is an image. not raw text. What you need is an OCR program (Optical Character Recognition) to convert what is technically an image embedded into a PDF doc. Into Text embedded in the PDF.

There are plenty of programs out there, your scanner may have even come with one. And of course Adobe Acrobat Professional has one (this is not Acrobat Reader) under the Document menu option.

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