PDF mark error

By djconners001 ·
One of my users is trying to print out a document to a network printer, however when it comes out it has a PDF mark error. When printing from a local inkjet printer it comes out fine.

Have tried different printer drivers etc but no luck, does anyone know how to fix this?

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I think

by dilumd In reply to PDF mark error

I think its because of PDF printer installed to your machine and somehow prints redirect to the PDF printer.

Try to delete PDF printer

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Check this

by nepenthe0 In reply to PDF mark error

On the network printer menu, you will see an option box with a drop-down menu. The box says Print What? The default choice is usually Documents.

Change this to Document and Comments or Document and Markups (depending upon your version of Reader).

If the error persists, please post back in this thread.

Rick/Portland, OR

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Tried it

by djconners001 In reply to Check this

Thanks for your reply, i tried this but it didnt seem to improve anything, any other ideas?

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I suspect the network printer is the problem

by nepenthe0 In reply to Check this

Your .pdf printouts appear OK except when sent to the network printer, so I doubt it's a flaw in your .pdf preferences settings.

That said, check your Reader preferences list (it's rather extensive) and be sure to uncheck anything that prints formatting marks.

I'm still using Reader v.6, and there is nothing in this version likely to produce marks on a network printer. You may be using the current v.8, however, and it may offer enhanced options that misbehave on a network.

Before you call the service agent for the printer, try uninstalling your current Reader version and substituting an earlier version (I happen to like v.6):

If Reader v.6 works well for you, keep it and use it.

Rick/Portland, OR

P.S. - It's not likely, but there may be other reasons for peculiar marks on the network printer:

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