Peachtree and VPN...

By jeff.j ·
We are trying to access our Peachtree data files remotely via a VPN. We
can connect to our office network just fine with the VPN, we can open
and manipulate Word or Excel files from the Peachtree company directory
(we did this to make sure permissions were not the issue).

However, when we launch Peachtree, select the company file, it acts like
it's going to open, then after a few seconds goes back to the "select
company" dialog again.

Any ideas as to why we can't do this? The Peachtree company opens fine
from any workstation on the LAN, only when connected via VPN does it
not work.

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Same problem here

by dwest In reply to Peachtree and VPN...

I also contacted Peachtree who informed me that although they have know customers to get this to work they do not support vpn connections. No help whatsoever.

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Have you gotten a solution...I am having the same problem

by admin In reply to Peachtree and VPN...

I am really needing a solution.

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It's a quick fix

by kevin In reply to Peachtree and VPN...

Peachtree needs a UNC pointer to company file. So add an entry for the IP address to the remote system hosting Peachtree in the client's hosts file and then use a UNC expression to connect to the remote company file (i.e.\servername\sharename\companyfile).

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Can you please give details?

by spinsheet In reply to It's a quick fix

This sounds exactly like the fix i need. Could you please give me a bit more detail regarding what needs to be done? I have a Win XP computer in the office with PT and the PT data on it. I have a Win XP computer at home with PT on it and it needs to access the Win XP computer in the office..

How do I add an entry for the IP address to the client's hosts file? I am also unclear as to how to add the UNC expression. Sorry for my ignorance and I appreciate your help in this matter.


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Peachtree VPN

by jesse In reply to Can you please give detai ...

Were you given a information to fix this? A client I have is having the exact same problem.

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VPN is unlikely

by stevevogelnu In reply to Peachtree VPN

I put a protocol analyzer (ethereal) on this problem once and I've concluded that it would be nearly impossible to make peachtree work well across a VPN. It passes thousands of messages each time you do anything and each message requires a separate acknoledgement from the far end. Thousands of packets x 30ms takes too long and Peachtree times out. Any network connection over 10ms will probably just not work. I have had good luck using windows terminal services.

For this and other reasons, I am interested in working toghether with others to find an Open Source accounting solution with an easy migration path. Anybody else interested? call Steve at

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