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    Peachtree/Microsoft CRM Integration?


    by catjarrett ·

    Okay…after much back and forth at my place of business my boss has decided he wants to forget Great Plains and integrate Peachtree with Microsoft CRM.

    The catch? I can’t find any ballpark figures for the software it would need. I found eBridge, which apparently can do it, but no pricing for it anywhere. Also, eBridge seems to be the only one I can find! I was hoping Scribe might do it, but it’s not looking that way.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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      by catjarrett ·

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      CRM for peachtree

      by twengler ·

      In reply to Peachtree/Microsoft CRM Integration?

      I’m in Chattanooga and am seeking the same for a client but am going to avoid Microsoft CRM and go with Sage CRM. That way, if the client grows beyond Peachtree, there is a built in integration with MAS 90, the next step up from Peachtree. Would be glad to discuss.

      If this fails, then my team will write the interface. We are certified CRM 3.0, Peachtree, MAS 90, Sage CRM etc and have application developers here that know the maps between these products.

      Tom Wengler
      423-267-0588 x 206

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      Solution for Peachtree / crm 3.0 interface

      by twengler ·

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      I’m with SRC in Chattanooga, TN and we have a prospective client desiring the same integration. We will be using Microsoft Sharepoint to bridge the gap. Call me for details and I’ll put you in touch with our project leader.
      Tom Wengler, SRC
      423-267-0588 x 206

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      A Solution for Peachtree/Microsoft CRM Integration

      by gnorman ·

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      We have an integration that does the following:
      1. Initial pull of customers info, contact, address (one time). After this one time pull out of Peachtree customer records will be created from MS CRM.

      2. Workflow – when a CRM customer records has been changed or added, we have a method to recoginze the change and send the data back into Peachtree.

      3. Method to identify a CRM customer – one the record is converted to an Account in MS CRM then we’ll place that record update into the Peachtree.

      4. Product and Pricing information will be maintained in Peachtree. There will be a batch process run daily that will pull current products.

      5. Orders are being created in MS CRM then pushed into peachtree. This will allow to peachtree to manage AR/AP functional.

      If this what you are searching for please email

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